Phone Sex Games

Long Distance Family Fun Phone Sex Games

The Phone Sex Games are back, and now tomorrow 9-11, at 9-on-9, we’ll be hosting the second game in our new Phone Sex Games series! So, can’t wait to see you all naught except for those few who actually got it! And you better get started honing your skills and practicing your hand!

There is an old, but a good one, called “Family Fun Phone Sex”. It is a very good game for the family, or for two couples to enjoy. You simply dial a number and start the fun by “mopping up” each other with some dirty talk. Your partner must answer with a “yes” or “horny” or “scary” phrase by then you can get a chance to a dirty deed done to him or her.

But for some people, they don’t like these games because they don’t like to talk about themselves to others or they don’t want to get enough distance between them to avoid having words fall out of their mouths. So now, there is a way around both of these problems. Our new, long distance family fun phone sex games series is here! For more information on our new series of taboo incest phone sex games, visit Phone Sex Games now!

One of our most popular and long running Phone Sex Games series is our horny grandfather phone sex game. In our version of this game, we have our Grandpa try to humpday a sexy little blonde girl. There is a little twist though. If your Grandpa is too shy to even talk about sex, he will not be able to humpday at all. This makes this game so much hotter for our girl’s friends than regular grandfather days because the competition is much more intense.

Another one of our long distance Phone Sex Games series involves having your girlfriend call her friend and tell her that she has to meet you in person to perform a “naughty little threesome.” The dirty deed that follows is more than a little nerve-wracking, but hey… isn’t that what you want? You know what they say about experience that if it was all about good sex, everyone would do it. This particular game is even better because you can choose who you want to perform the naughty deeds with. For example, if your girlfriend tells her friend that she has to “doggy-style” then you two can perform that together.

Phone Sex Games is the best option for your long distance relationship because it keeps things exciting. You get to see each other in a completely non-romantic setting. Plus, you two can spend more time together just doing the naughty things that you normally wouldn’t be able to do if you were face to face. Just imagine how great your family will feel when they hear about all the new “dirty” things you are able to do when you are on the phone. It might even inspire some in your family to become more adventurous with their love life.